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10 Beginner Tips for Fast Weight Loss, the Low-Carb Way!

10 Tips for Successful Low-Carb Meal Plans

#1: Eat Clean. Eat clean and fresh, eat foods that are not processed and do not contain an overload of ingredients. Such as; chicken breast without gravy, sauces, or marinade. Spices are great, but eliminate the sauces.

#2: Don’t be Fooled. Low-Carb is not always the best choice. Perfect examples are these so called Low-Carb breads, syrups, bars, ice creams, etc. It’s all processed, so don’t fall for that non-sense. They contain hidden calories and preservatives that are not listed on the label.

#3: Increase Protein. If you choose to partake in a low carb meal plan, make sure that your protein intake is at 1.5 to 2 grams per 1lb. of body weight. Otherwise, you will lose muscle while dieting defeating the purpose.

#4: Limit saturated fats. Some authorities bare false information on this topic. Eating all the sausage, cheese and bacon you want, is a huge mistake. If you are going to use fat for energy, use a clean unsaturated fat like Sunflower Oil, Flax Seed Oil, or even better natural peanut butter. If you’re going to intake meat, eat clean meat like ground sirloin or chicken.

#5: Zigzag your Meals. You need to zigzag your carb intake every other day, never intake the same amount daily. For example; on Monday- take in 50 grams of carbs, then Tuesday change it to 20 grams of carbs, Wednesday- 100 grams of carbs, then possible Thursday- 130 grams of carbs (this is only an example). The body is very adaptive and in order to keep it guessing you need to change it up. If you stay on the same eating pattern and carb count, your weight loss will plateau. You to include a carb day like Sunday, this will help to replenish your body’s glycogen levels and stop you from thinking you are depriving yourself.

#6: Mix up your cardio daily. Example; Monday-15 minutes, Tuesday-30 minutes and so on. When first starting out with cardio, do not force yourself. Start slow 15 minutes, 25 minutes, and 30 minutes. If you go full force it’s most likely you won’t want to repeat.

#7: Good Morning. From experience we have found that the best time to do your cardio is before your first meal. You won’t have any food in your body, so you will be burning fat. At least 30 minutes to get your metabolism cranking and ready for the day.

#8: Add Supplements. Use a good fat loss product to help you maximize weight loss. We recommend our Women’s Whey or MRP and Desire. They work great together and Desire is an incredible energy booster that helps melt the fat, plus allows for consistent energy throughout the day.

#9: Get Nutrition Smart. “Fat Free” items, it’s a good thing to stay clear from these products. They may not contain any “fat”, but are loaded with sugar and many other ingredients that convert to fat.

#10: Get in Control. “Hunger and Obsession” are the hardest things to overcome while trying to loose weight. At night when you feel you need a treat, try popcorn, sugar-free Jell-O or even treat yourself to another shake instead. You can also make pudding from your protein powder and some other treats that are very low carb and enjoyable.

For protein recipes and other great low carb recipes, visit out site at

10 Beginner Tips for Fast Weight Loss, the Low-Carb Way!

Look and Feel Great in 2009