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Memory loss research by Quincy Bioscience results in the brain supplement called Prevagen® that helps slow memory loss and improves brain health.

Madison, WI - Memory loss research conducted by Quincy Bioscience laboratories has resulted in a natural brain supplement called Prevagen® that helps slow memory loss and improves brain health. The brain supplement’s key ingredient, Apoaequorin from jellyfish, is a calcium-binding protein that helps protect
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Memory loss on any level is a scary proposition for both the person experiencing it and the familymembers around that person who might be a wife or husband, son, daughter, or friend. Media estimates report that tens of millions of Americans are suffering from slight memory loss such as forgetting the reasons for walking into a room, to dementia to Alzheimer’s with untold impact on families.

Most of us know how important calcium is for healthy bones and teeth. But most people don’t know that calcium plays a far greater role in the body. It’s the element for millions of cellular reactions and is essential for brain cell health. Calcium imbalance in the brain causes cell damage which can lead to forgetfulness. “Our laboratory research shows that Apoaequorin, the calcium binding protein in Prevagen, helps the nervous system balance calcium which can lead to better memory, focus and concentration,” says Mark Underwood, neuroscience researcher, President and co-founder of Quincy Bioscience. “The technical paper from this research presented at the Society for Neuroscience can be read at (

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The memory loss brain supplement, Prevagen, is manufactured by Quincy
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* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Memory Loss Help from Brain Supplement Prevagen

A jellyfish protein is the active ingredient in Prevagen