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Should Your Child Be Seeing a Chiropractor?

Chiropractors have been caring for children for over 100 years. More and more parents are seeking out chiropractic care not only for themselves, but for their children as well. How does chiropractic work and why do kids need to be adjusted? Children need a chiropractor for the same reason adults do. We all have a nervous system consisting of our brain and spinal cord that controls and coordinates all of the cells, tissues and organs of our body, according to Grey's Anatomy. In fact, our nervous system is so important to our function as human beings, it is the only system of the body that is totally encased in bone. Fortunately for us, the bones of the spine are formed to allow movement. Clear communication between the brain, spinal cord, and the rest of the body is vital for us to express full health. Unfortunately for us, those moveable bones of the spine can misalign and put pressure in our nervous system which may cause the signals to be interfered with. When this happens the inborn, self-healing mechanism of the body cannot function as it should. This results in a decrease in the quality of life, and dis-ease in the body.

The truth is that chiropractic has very little to do with back pain or neck pain. The only reason we deal with the spine is because it houses the vital nervous system. A chiropractor will re-align the spine to allow normal communication to be restored to the body. When our bodies are not interfered with they can function normally and express full health.

You may be wondering how a child's spine may become misaligned in the first place. Children experience many things that contribute to misalignments, or subluxations, in their little bodies. The first major spinal trauma may occur with the birth process itself. Even the most natural of births puts stress on baby’s tiny neck and spine. Immediate health problems may result, or problems may lie dormant, only to show up many years later as chronic health concerns. Chiropractic is very gentle and safe for infants and babies and allows them to express their full health potential.

As all parents know, children are extremely active and energetic. Their activities allow plenty of opportunities for spinal injuries, or subluxations to occur. How many times does a baby who is learning to walk fall on their bottom? These subluxations, if left uncorrected, may interfere with the child’s natural, normal development, immunity, strength and overall health. As they grow into teens, hormonal changes will occur, which are regulated by the central nervous system. Keeping this system free from interference will be essential in avoiding chemical imbalances and the rise of health issues now, and in the future.

The bottom line is that it is never too soon to get your child checked. It is never too late either! Chiropractic adjustments are painless and extremely effective for children of any age, as well as adults. In fact, most children love getting adjusted and look forward to their visit. Chiropractic care for children is vital to their health and is an absolute necessity to their development and future potential in every area of life.

-Dr. Christina Petersen (DC)