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Austin Academy of Oriental Medicine

2700 W Anderson Lane Suite 204 Austin, Texas 78757

The mission of AOMA is to transform lives and communities through graduate education in Oriental medicine by:

• Providing excellent and innovative teaching of acupuncture and Oriental medicine to learners while developing knowledge and skills.

t: view phoneAdmissions: (512) 492-3017


AOMA’s vision is to be a leader in Oriental medicine education by engaging our communities and by preparing compassionate and skilled practitioners who embody the art and spirit of healing.
Our Core Values

We recognize that the outcomes we produce result from the collective activities that are consistent with the following core values:

Sustainability: Our programs and community engagements are sustainable and effective.
Integrity: We do what we say we will do. In our communication we are honest and complete.
Inspiration: We are called into action by a spirit of purposeful aliveness.
Flexibility and openness: We conscientiously choose our actions in consideration of all the parties involved.
Professionalism: In all that we do, we are impeccable, clear and complete.
Compassion and Service: In word and action, we look for opportunities to benefit others.
AOMA Educational Objectives

Graduates of the AOMA master degree program will:

Have the knowledge base necessary to enter the profession
Practice professional behaviors and values
Provide patient centered care
Incorporate evidence and experience based practices
Participate in collaborative patient care

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2700 W. Anderson Ln., Ste. 204 (Ste. 512 as of June 2009)
Austin, TX 78757

Austin Academy of Oriental Medicine