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Get Your Vibes Up

Lake Elsinore, California 92530

Vibrational therapy products by VibesUP. Products powered by the natural vibrations of plant oils and therapeutic gemstone powders sealed in an amplifying Liquid Crystal Coating.

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VibesUP products help you attract more of what you want in life. The Law of Attraction says that like attracts like. The basic tenet of the Law of Attraction is that everything is energy. There is energy and vibrations in our emotions and feelings. Any thought you have, when combined with emotion, vibrates out from you to the universe and affects what you attract back into your life.

Keeping our thoughts on Love and Gratitude all day can be a challenge. The good news is is there are vibrational therapies from nature that can help you keep your vibrations attracting good throughout the day even when your not thinking about it.

Crystals, gemstones, and essential oils all have their own energy and vibrational frequency. VibesUP has combined precious essential oils with gemstones making them more specific by amplifying their abilities with a patent pending Liquid Crystal Coating.

Crystal quartz can amplify a small amount of energy many times over. The Liquid Crystal Coating greatly amplifies the vibrational therapy abilities of the gemstones and frequency oils, creating products that are very specific and amplified in what they can attract into your home and life.

You choose what you want to attract:
Relief From Stress (Peace and Calm)
Abundance and Prosperity
Health and Wellness
Energy and Motivation
Joy and Inspiration
Will Power
Protection from Negativity
Relief from Pain
Relief from Depression
Metabolism Boost
Passion (Libido Boost)
Allergy Relief
Immune Boost
Relief from Depression
Courage and Confidence

Get Your Vibes Up

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    Vibrational Energy
  • Chakra Balancing Pendants
    Chakra Balancing Pendants
  • Divine Squishies
    Divine Squishies
  • Vibe
    Vibe "Check Up" Game

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