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Original Makura Miracle Pillow

The one and only "Makura Miracle Pillow" .
Founded in 1984 we have been producing the finest quality buckwheat hull pillows for 25 years. Get 10% off ! See code below.

Over the years our buckwheat pillows the Makura Miracle Pillow has been copied by several other companies, some have even taken our Makura name and call their pillows a "Makura pillow", "Makura buckwheat pillow", "Rirakusu Makura", or even "The Original Makura"! Please don't be misled by those imitators. Only the "Makura Miracle Pillow" (TM) is the original and finest buckwheat pillow. Buckwheat hulls, also known as sobakawa hulls or sobagara husks have been used in pillows, also known as "makura" for over 600 years.
(makura is the Japanese word for pillow)

For years, the Makura Miracle Pillow has been used for the relief of headaches, neck pain, low back pain, muscle tension, stress, sleeplessness, snoring, and for these reasons has been often referred to as the "Pillow of Miracles".

Order using discount code : EH171859 and recieve 10% off any order of $10.00 or more !

Original Makura Miracle Pillow


Miracle Pillow! Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar Off - 07/20/2009 11:16:12
eHolistic Staff from Torrance California
This is a quality product. Excellent neck support. We recomend this for a good nights sleep.